E-Commerce tracking: order id hashed although anonymization is switched off


we have a problem with e-commerce tracking.

On our website all orders are tracked with calls like this:

_paq.push(['trackEcommerceOrder', subscription.id, payAmount, payAmount]);

For subscription.id we use a UUID like “88eb5e45-199f-4240-bbe4-8367479cf462”.

Anonymization of the order id is switched off in our Matomo instance (but IP anonymization is switched on).

So we expected that we find the UUID in the Matomo database in table “log_conversion” in field “idorder”
But instead “idorder” shows hashed value like “f1e9d51179f2503815e5d114e4a5a685”.

Is that a bug or a feature?
How to store the original UUID in “log_conversion”?