E-Commerce tracking: order id hashed although anonymization is switched off


we have a problem with e-commerce tracking.

On our website all orders are tracked with calls like this:

_paq.push(['trackEcommerceOrder', subscription.id, payAmount, payAmount]);

For subscription.id we use a UUID like “88eb5e45-199f-4240-bbe4-8367479cf462”.

Anonymization of the order id is switched off in our Matomo instance (but IP anonymization is switched on).

So we expected that we find the UUID in the Matomo database in table “log_conversion” in field “idorder”
But instead “idorder” shows hashed value like “f1e9d51179f2503815e5d114e4a5a685”.

Is that a bug or a feature?
How to store the original UUID in “log_conversion”?


Hi @Guido_Adam
Can you check the value:

  1. Send by your browser in the network console?
  2. Received by the server in the Matomo connection log file?
  3. In the visits log?


We checked our logs and found this example:

The order in the screenshot produced two log-entries:

8...7 - - [03/May/2023:21:58:24 +0000] "POST /mtm/js/?idgoal=0&ec_id=17....1a-7..1-4..3-8..0-d..........7&revenue=138.28&ec_st=8.4&ec_tx=-0.0&ec_sh=undefined&ec_dt=undefined&ec_items=...&idsite=1&rec=1&r=802535&h=23&m=58&s=23&url=... HTTP/2.0" 204 0 "https://..." "Mozilla/..." 957 0.017 [...] [] 1...:8080 0 0.017 204
8...7 - - [03/May/2023:21:58:24 +0000] "POST /mtm/js/?e_c=Enhanced%20eCommerce&e_a=Purchase&e_n=17....1a-7..1-4..3-8..0-d..........7&e_v=138.28&ca=1&idsite=1&rec=1&r=252184&h=23&m=58&s=23&url=... HTTP/2.0" 204 0 "https://..." "Mozilla/..." 460 0.019 [...] [] 1...:8080 0 0.019 204

The first log entry is the ecommerce call.
The second is our custom event “Purchase”.

The custom event and the log entries for ecommerce call and custom event show the same UUID “17…1a-7…1-4…3-8…0-d…7”
This UUID is a based on a hash value, we create for logging.

But the order id (idorder) stored in “log_commerce” is “22c2c…d1c61”.
This is the same id, that is shown as visitor profile id in the screenshot.

So it looks like the visitor profile id is stored as “idorder”, not the content of the “ec_id” parameter.



Found it:
Our server uses a proxy that overwrote the order id.
Sorry for the false alarm

It seems to me that you have used their e-commerce plugin. Can you please guide me on how we can get the running session ID or visitID for the visitor, I want to bound the sessionID to every event.
I am using Kafka, there I want the current running sessionID as well for the visitor .

Here is my questions which i asked on Matomo Forum