E-commerce tracking is not working



I’m new to piwik. I’hv installed piwik in my server, also enable E-commerce and want to track e-commerce of my wordpress woo-commerce site.
but its not working.
I’hv put this code in thankyou page:-

What is wrong with this code.
Please help me to track e-commerce…

Thank You.


No one is there to help me out from this problem…

Thanks :)-D

(dandrlik) #3


I have the same problem. I use “insert header and footer” plugin where I inserted codes, but it appears not to work on woo commerce sites.

I guess, that the code inserted to track pages has to be “enrich” by some additional coding mentioned on this page Ecommerce Analytics - Analytics Platform - Matomo. But I´m not sure and will have to ask someone who understand this IT stuff.

Or did you solved that issue already somehow?