E-Commerce Tracking for OsCommerce?



i looked at the OsCommerce Forum and could not find a contrib for OSC for the
new E-Commerce Tracking. So i just want to ask here if someone get it to work.
It is not so easy cause you have to give piwik a lot of variables and some
of them you need are not in the checkout_success.php.

Would be very nice if someone could share a solution here or in the OSC Forum.

Best would be if someone from the Piwik Team could write it. Why? Well OSC is the most used E-Commerce solution so it would make sense that this is a stable and proofed version.

It was a great idea to develop the e-commerce module but without modules
for the big e-commerce shops i am sure the normal shop owner is helpless and can not include Piwik e-commerce. There is even just a example with static values which is nonsense - all shop systems use PHP variables.

I, and i guess a few thousand other OSC Users would be very happy over a little help.

If money is a issue make a thread where OSC Users can donate for a Official Piwik E-Commerce Contrib for OSC . I am sure the money will there in a short time.

Contact to the OSC Community:




Very sad that nobody from the Piwik Team can give support for the
biggest Shop System. What is the best e-commerce tracking worth if
nobody can use it?

Stefan Kanitz from the OsCommerce Germany Staff has a working
version for his shops. We are working to build a Contrib for OSC.

I strongly advise that someone from the Piwik Staff join the thread
that we get a proofed version for the PIWIK and OSC Members
and perhaps add it to the Piwik Manual.

E-commerce Analytics für OSC?

(Matthieu Aubry) #3

Oh this is really great news! Can you please contact me at matt att piwik.org and we can discuss the details, we would love to help you!


I’m posting so I don’t lose this thread.

We have people working on installing both oscommerce and piwik this month so I’d like to keep up to date on any progress