Duplicated entries in visit log using iOS and Android SDK

I have a iOS app and an Android app which have the same content and installed mobile SDK. When I look at the visit log, I found that there are duplicated entries with exact same idvisitor, config_id, location_ip and visit_first_action_time. Can anyone suggest what is the issue behind?

Hi @samtang,

can you elaborate on that? Are the duplicated entries from the iOS SDK, the Android SDK or both?

Both iOS SDK and Android SDK have the issue. Every time I first open the app which is in login page, it will create 2 visit entries with exact same idvisitor, config_id, location_ip and visit_first_action_time in visit log. Can you advise?

Hi @samtang, I see. Thanks. It looks like it isn’t a problem of the SDKs themselves, but rather a configuration issue on the backend. Can someone of the backend team help?

Hi @samtang

A couple questions to troubleshoot further:

could you please post a screenshot showing the visitor log of the two visits?

have you configured any setting in the Tracker category in your config.ini.php file?

Piwik Duplicate

I only have the configuration information of database, log, general, mail and plugins in config.ini.php file.

Does it occur both for iOS and Android use cases?

This problem should not occur if the SDKs use bulk requests in the tracking API: Tracking HTTP API: API Reference - Piwik Analytics - Developer Docs - v3

@brototyp maybe you could confirm whether iOS SDK uses bulk tracking and send the tracking requests by batch?


Hi @matthieu, yes the version 4 of the SDK uses the batch API.