Duplicate session are being stored in Matomo version 4.11.0

Hi there,
We are using Matomo 4.11.0, the visitors sessions are being stored duplicate. In one session there are actual actions performed by visitors like clicks, pageview, download etc. In the second session there are just goals and home page view.

It seems like when any page of the website is viewed/visited, one entry in the duplicate session also stored but this entry shows a home page view request. Please have a look at screenshots.

Here is the Webite URL: https://shopsustainably.me/

Please help me to fix the issue. Thank you very much in advance!

@Lukas @heurteph-ei
Anyone please help me to fix the above issue, we are running Matomo in production mode for many clients.

Do you track only thanks to “_paq” bootstrap script? (don’t you track either via log imports or via back-end code?)
Very strange, when I visit your website, (there is a JavaScript error and) I don’t see any tracking, because the matomo.js file is not available.
I don’t understand your screenshots: for the “duplicate” sessions, the number of page views is not the same of the “actual” session (there is more page views on the duplicate, and the times are not the same). Why do you think they are the same sessions?

Hi @heurteph-ei, Thank you for reply. https://shopsustainably.me has been integrated with another version of Matomo. Now, you can check https://www.astraandco.com/ for the above problem.

Secondly, I have use normal JavaScript tracking code to track the websites.

I am considering them as duplicate because all of the above highlighted actions have icon as pageview but none of the action is related custom event nor outlink nor download. Whereas the below actions in the screenshot contain Custom Events, outlinks, download etc. So, I am considering one session as actual and other as duplicate.

Is there any body else which is facing same issue? @heurteph-ei I still could not fix the issue. Can you please help me to fix it? Do you need some further information? Or can we have a short meeting?


Sorry, I have no access to any resource of https://stitchology.me/ because my organization doesn’t allow this…
Please register it at: https://sitereview.bluecoat.com/#/lookup-result/stitchology.me