Duplicate Page URLs

Hi there,
any ideas why the Actions–>Pages, Page URL entry could have “duplicate” URLs?
For example, in the demo page we have:
“photos.php” entry as well as “/photos.php”


Sorry, I just calculated and it is the aggregate sum that is showing for that particular entry, whether it’s a page or a collection of pages under that category.

We are using a rather old version 0.2.x =) that shows the aggregate, but when manually summing the entries for that category is wrong and some is showing “No data in this category. Try …”.

Closest bug tracked was this 'No data in this category. Try to "Include all popu...' when accessing a subtable after pagination in Page URLs or Page titles reports · Issue #1848 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub.
But there is no mentioned on the wrong aggregates for a category.

We’d love to upgrade but not at the moment.
If any of the above rings a bell - do reply with any useful info.