Duplicate content on 1 website

I have 2 websites running off 1 installation from my main website 1 website is absolutely fine and correctly registers every one once as per normal
But my main website always seems to duplicate almost every visitor

It was working fine at 1 stage but I accidentally deleted the wrong database. So ended up reinstalling and re-adding correct tracking code and am using just the basic settings for now

I have removed the tracking code and replaced and done a few minor settings to improve tracking , removed multiple website addresses from settings , but nothing drastic yet like editing code

Using version Matomo 3.13.6



Make sure that if you have the image tracking code and the JS tracking code that the former is inside a <noscript>.

Thanks, will try … I already have litteral set as for some reason it needs it on the platform we are using

Has been a quiet day for me with 1 order from each site , but after adding noscript there has only been single visitor stats now …

I do have another issue although not huge.
Both sites are setup exactly the same but again my main site doesn’t show the little cart as per image… It’s not a huge issue though, both have the same tracking codes on footer as well