Duplicate Abandoned

I see this problem still hasn’t been fixed, the amount of abandoned carts I have is far higher than it really is, for example one person has 7
Abandoned 7 carts including 64 items worth a total of £923.89.

How can I only show 1 cart per person? the above might have gone looking else where or gone for a coffee and each time he leaves it’s another false abandoned cart, I have quite a few like this.

You can debug this issue by looking at your Visitor Log and seeing exactly all your abandoned carts

But rather than having to go back in some cases many days looking at logs can’t it display 1 per person?

Don’t understand what you mean

Rather than showing 1 person with 7 abandoned carts can’t it just show 1 cart, then rather than having 67 abandoned carts in the ecom overview there might only really be 20, the other 47 all belong to people that keep coming back

Good point! Could you create a ticket with your suggestion at: Issues · piwik/piwik · GitHub