Downlod older versions of Piwik?

(marcel555) #1

Hello Piwik team,

I would like to download an older release of Piwik since 0.2.37 doesn’t work for me. Since Piwik is still under heavy development I could imagine that it gernerally makes sence to provide at least older releases i.e. down to 0.2.30.

Could you please offer older releases on the Piwik homepage?

Kind regards

(qwicfingers) #2

Go here

click on tags

click the version you would like to download

scroll to the bottom of the page were is says “Download in other formats: Zip Archive”

click on Zip Archive.

(vipsoft) #3

A good place to look is

You’ll find zip and tar.gz archives.

(marcel555) #4

Thank you!