Downloads and outlinks

(sachamasry) #1

I have tried repeatedly following links out of a registered site, and downloading (right-click => save as) jpeg images. Piwik seems not to have recorded these, so a visit to either of the two functions yields “No data for this table”.

I cannot find more information on what makes these two actions work, and what event triggers Piwik to record the action.

Can someone help and explain these two to me, please, and if I’m doing something wrong by not customising code at all points of download/exit?



(Matthieu Aubry) #2

Downloads would only track left clicks on a link that ends with a known file extension (.jpg, .exe, etc.)

(sachamasry) #3

I see. That makes sense. What about outlinks?

(Matthieu Aubry) #4

I added FAQ:

(sachamasry) #5

Thanks, that’s what I thought (based on the rest of the information in the FAQ and elsewhere), but after running Piwik for a month and a half, the outlinks section reports “no data for this table”-how is it that it’s not collecting this information?


Ok, can i say that i find really annoying to discover that Piwik doesn’t record when i open outlinks using the middle mouse button (in a new tab), wich i use a lot.
If i use it a lot, maybe many people are using the middle button too. So, we have lost some click stats.
I can understand that it can’t record when people use the contextual menu on a link, but the middle mouse button should have been recorded since Firefox had this function from the start, i think. IE just got tab added. But today most browsers open new tabs on links when we middle click them.

And another thing.
With left clicks, clicking links to my others subdomains from the following blog page show them as outlinks in Piwik.

You can see that for yourself going on that page of my Piwik installation (i gave view permission to anon for somes of my sites).

(vipsoft) #7

sachamasry: make sure you’ve enabled link tracking in your tracker code.

tulipvortax: hijacking this topic? yes, we lost middle mouse button tracking with FF in 0.4 because we switched from tracking ‘mousedown’ to ‘click’ in order to be consistent with GA, Y!A, and others. This is the “correct” way because it used to count a mousedown-hoverout-mouseup (i.e., a cancelled click).

More details in and links in that ticket.

WRT subdomains tracked as outlinks: make sure you’ve added them to your tracking code via setDomains().


Sorry for the “highjacking”.

I define one site per subdomain.
So, you that in this case it’s the correct behavior ?

(vipsoft) #9

Yes, that’s the correct behaviour.

I don’t use setDomains() because of the way Google indexes duplicate pages. On my shared hosting account, I use .htaccess to rewrite the URL, so each site is indexed under its proper TLD. e.g.,

xxx.domain.tld becomes xxx.tld
domain.tld/xxx becomes xxx.tld