Downloading TSV for Excel doesn't provide complete data

Since I can’t seem to solve the issue of multiple listings per city (such as 14 data lines of Atlanta, GA), I thought I would try to download the data and run a Pivot Analysis in MS Excel.

I set the Visitor Location (City) for different number of cities (ex: 5 through 500). In each case, I download the data. The most records I get is 284, and that still has multiple listings for any given city. (So it’s not a matter of the data being parsed before download.)

Obviously, I can draw any conclusions from the data.

Where should I look to make sure I don’t have something set incorrectly? Or, is it something in the app?

try the tlatest beta:

this bug is maybe fixed already (for new data)

Nope, it didn’t work.
I just dl’ed and installed.
Now I get even fewer records downloaded.
I have the widget set to show 500 records, and the download provides only 101 records, and of those, many are duplicate city names.

Here again, there is more than one problem:

  1. The number of records downloaded
  2. Multiple records for any given city, both in the download and in the widget (Visitor Location (City))

I am curious to know what the app is reading that would give multiple records with a single city name, such as Minneapolis, MN
Minneapolis is a large city.

Can you see this problem on the demo? can you explain what is the output VS the expected output , on the demo ?

On which demo?
(Accurate communication counts here.)

If you are referring to the demo on your site, no, it appears to be working correctly.

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Okay, we donated.
Now could I get an answer to our problem?
It still gives us multiple lines of cities.

can you try latest beta:

Not sure about the duplicate entries, but download limits to 100 records by default. See Trac Ticket 3562.

Workaround: Copy the download URL (e.g. in Firefox right click and select “copy link location” ), paste it in a new window and change “filter_limit=100” to a value way above the max number of results. The URL is just a API call anyway, so keep it for future downloads and adjust parameters as needed.

And that has to be done everytime we open the GUI?
(Please say ‘it ain’t so Joe’…)

[quote=“Richard Here”]
(Please say ‘it ain’t so Joe’…)[/quote]

It ain’t so Joe

Really, the download limit is not a big deal, just a standard API call with GET parameters anyway.If you always have the same period (yesterday, last7, etc.) you can really just build the link once by copying an adjusting it, e-mail it to yourself and click on it when you need. You just need it to download anyway. Your GUI views stay the same and all will still work perfect.