Download tracking

I’m trying to understand why the downloads api delivers different data to the visitor log api. Downloads shows naything a user downloads, jpg, pdf etc. but the visitor log only seems to include the pdf’s. Is this a setting, or am I missing something? I need to get all downloads in the visitor log.

Could you post screen caps showing the difference between the report and the visitor log ?

Thanks, been ivestigating this further, it seems if I do a date range that’s too large the download doesn’t appear. e.g. id I select a date range of “2011-09-21,2011-09-27’” and make an api call to get the visitor log,

                    [99] => stdClass Object
                            [type] => download
                            [url] => http://mywebsite/assets/uploads/Images/2011/featured_image2.jpg
                            [pageTitle] => 
                            [pageIdAction] => 283
                            [pageId] => 9959
                            [serverTimePretty] => Mon 26 Sep 13:09:01
                            [icon] => themes/default/images/download.png

Works perfectly however if I use this date range “2011-09-21,2011-09-30” the download item no longer appears. Weird! Any ideas :slight_smile: