Download report with curl


I want to download Event actions report with curl because I need to import that data into a database. If I download the report from Matomo web interface I get 20 records and it is OK.
Then I tried to download report with CURL from command line using the URL displayed with the option “Show Export URL” but curl only downloads 10 records.

The URL is:


In command line I run:

curl -o data.csv “http://localhost:800/matomo/index.php?date=2020-08-01,2020-08-24&expanded=1&filter_limit=-1&format=TSV&format_metrics=1&idSite=1&language=es&method=Events.getAction&module=API&period=range&segment=&token_auth=anonymous&translateColumnNames=1

Is it possible to get the same results from web page download and from curl?

Does anyone ever downloaded reports with curl? . Is there any other option than web interface?

Thanks a lot.