Download Report seperated by User Id



I want to seperate my download statistics in Piwik by an user id. To reach the goal I added in my tracking code a custom variable named user id. It works fine as far as I can see it in the report part concerning the custom variable. But how to seperate the download statistic by my added custom variable? I tried to use the segmentation method but it failed. Does anybody know how to realize it?


Client ID | Document | Downloads

100000 | AGB.pdf | 1

100001 | Vertrag.pdf | 1



(Matthieu Aubry) #2

That’s a great question, I would also like to do the same with Piwik but we haven’t quite implemented it yet…

please put your comment on the ticket, to make your voice heard, maybe someone will implement it!


Hey Matt,

in my opinion the only solution for this problem would be to program an own solution in a plugin.

Another possibility where you get the data you need but not in the category you want it is to define the download as a target because a target could be splitted by an user defined variable. That’s the way we solved the problem. Only problem: You have to define a target for every download on your page.