Download doesn't tracked where as outlinks does

Hi there,

I’ve a user interface which allow people to download some zip from my platform, there are outlinks also on my website.
Those outlinks are well incremented in my Piwik GUI, but downloads aren’t.

I took a look at the piwik_log_action table and i saw this :

I don’t know if that ‘NULL’ is the troublemaker…

I should mention the fact that struts action manage downloads.

With that tracker code : _paq.push([‘trackEvent’, ‘Downloaded’, ‘export’]);
I can count the number of events related to export, but that’s not what i want to; at least not entirely, i don’t want to see that informations in the events page but into the download one.

Edit1 : I don’t want to use the tag class : piwik_download because it is not a valid (too restrictive) solution for me

Edit2 : i am using piwik 2.13

Hope i was clear enough
Thanks for reading!