Double code scripts on a page (Cloud and own installed service)

I initially implemented the cloud service script on a site. I’ve now setup my own server installed through Softaculous. Since it’s shared hosting I’m unsure how the server will perform. Is it possible or are there any implications to having two matomo code scripts within each page?

So that would be the cloud & my own install.

If I switch over immediately to the own install and that server struggles, I may lose some analytics, but if it’s OK I could also run the cloud script at the same time, for a while at least, until I’m confident the server is OK. Please advise if that is OK or has issues.

Thank you



Simpy copying two Matomo tracking scripts into one page might not be a good idea as only the first one will work.

But you can configure your tracking code to also send the same data to a second Matomo server:

Keep in mind that this will only work if the two instances use a similar Matomo version and similar installed plugins (as it only loads the tracking code from the main instance).

Great, thank you Lukas!

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