Don't count when the page is local

(alpha_one_x86) #1

Please, don’t count when the page is in local (is see today page view in local as: /home/toto/Desktop/download.html).

(alpha_one_x86) #2

Hello, can you include in piwik filter for don’t track page url AND referer with this url:




This wouldn’t do any good to users who’s system is not in english or have their docs elsewhere than on the C: drive.

The ability to setup a cookie would be way better as it would exclude even when we visit our sites online to test them. That feature, as far as we know, is planned.

And since anyone is able to contribute to Piwik, even you could give Piwik that feature. Unless you dont have programming knowledge or enough spare time.

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I can’t ask to the user which download my web page site to setup cookie.
The main problem is what user download page of my website, and access to my website from this page, then the input url, access url, … is not clean.
You can filter by this regex php:


count if referer allow the url:


(vipsoft) #5

alpha: we’re adding a tracking exclusion cookie for use by piwik admins, so their visits aren’t counted.


I think i now understand what alpha_one want.

Some people often save our pages to their HD.
Then, when they view it again, we get all of their directory structure in our stats.
Evidently, if we would edit each single page to set a custom title… but no, URL are resgistered now.

(alpha_one_x86) #7

It’s not the admin (my) which download the page on my HD. It’s user (I don’t know why). And it’s polute my statistic.

TulipVorlax, I thinks you have understand what I want.

(tomy34) #8

I have the same problem. Can anybody help me?? Thanks


Not really.
There’s nothing in Piwik that permit this yet.

The only thing could be to add something into the tracker code that would test if the Url of the page contain the domain name it’s supposed to.
If so, dont run the tracker.

But i dont know how to do this, yet.

(vipsoft) #10

As TulipVorlax suggested, something like this at the top of your web page and forcing a redirect to your live site, may help:

<script type="text/javascript">
if (window.location.hostname != 'mydomain') {
    window.location = 'http://mydomain';
    if(window.stop) window.stop();
    throw '';


Not really what i meant.
I was think of not running the tracker code when not on the specified domain.
Because i think people should have the right to read pages offline… oops, if they’re offline, the piwik server wouldn’t be found anyway.

But, forcing the page to go to the true online site might not be a so bad idea in some circumstances. Like when the sites functionalities could be broken because of missing files. Or with dynamics sites (php, asp…).

(vipsoft) #12

That’s possible too:

<script type="text/javascript">
if (window.location.hostname != 'mydomain') {
    // tracking code here


I suppose putting the try part of the tracker inside an if like this last one would prevent most occurencies of that type of “visit”.
I say only most of it because that would have no effect on the noscript tag that follow.

(vipsoft) #14

Yes. This is just a stop-gap solution. We’ll try to incorporate the idea into (targeted for Piwik 0.6.x).

(abs) #15

This would be a great feature.