Domain Mapping - How to prevent outlinks?

Hi guys! I have a web site, a web e-commerce service, and I’m enabling domain mapping on it, which means that my users can assign their own domains to their users accounts. The default is but anyone can have if it wishes.

My question is this… I don’t want to record clicks to these stores as outlinks, but I can’t put them as aliases on the JS code, 'cause I may have thousands of different domains across my website so, does anyone here knows a good way to do that?

Another question. If I just put the tracking code on the stores, the pages will be tracked normally right? It doesn’t really matter the domain in order to track the page right?

Thanks in advanced guys!

piwik_hosts_alias accepts wildcards.

Problem solved style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.gif

I forgot that preventing outlinks is as simple as adding a class as I could find in here: