Doesn't Piwik count all visitors

Hi everybody,

I just searched the forum but haven’t found any satisfied answers yet.

Piwik is counting visitors so far. That’s fine.

The issues is:
I added my blog to the service and also paid for some facebook website clicks.
Facebook is telling me, there where a few clicks, also shows me a lot of visitors.
But there are really less visitors counted coming from facebook or in Piwik.

For example: shows me around 30 clicks on a day - Piwik just shows one visitor coming from

How does this come?
I cannot believe all of those users have Javascript deactivated the page or closed it before the JS was triggered.

Thanks a lot for your feedback

There are more visitors not counted. Those having DoNotTrack enabled or having an Addblocker installed, that also blocks piwik.
In addition it might be possible that Facebook uses a redirection page to hide the real referer.

Hey Steve,
thanks for the reply!
Currently I just have a Piwik-count of 10% - that’s is really annoying :frowning:
Is there an additional tracking possible, to get the average of all Visitors? Maybe the server logs or something like that? So i could see if the external pages are counting correct.
I guess adblockers are currently trendy and a lot of people will get one soon…