Does the website a user visits from, determine user country?

I’ve noticed a large portion of my users are being directed from something called which I understand is a US based website / service. I also notice that a large portion of my users are marked as being from USA. I’m trying to figure out how I’m getting so much US traffic, since my website is only marketed to Australians. So, I was wondering if potentially Australians who are using the zscaler service are being marked as Americans by Matomo. Ie - an Australian who uses zscaler to check the URL of my website, gets passed to a US ip address and then on to my site, so Matomo see the US / zscaler ip address, rather than the user’s real ip address?

Isn’t it a VPN? In case of VPN, Matomo gets the VPN IP instead of the real user IP.
In such case, Matomo should use the browser localization as it already does for local IPs. In such case, Matomo should also get a list of VPN IPs in order to be able to change the localization strategy (use browser localization instead of IP). Matomo team, what do you think about that?


Matomo does not consider the website people come from for geolocation.
First make sure you have set up geolocation properly (and you see your own location properly when checking)
If your server is behind a reverse proxy, you should also look into


VPNs obviously also make geolocation impossible, but I doubt that any significant fraction of users are using VPNs.
If they do for your site, it should definitly be possible to implement your idea as a plugin.

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