Does the PIWIK support Application server like JBOSS wildfly 8.1.0?

I’m exploring the PIWIK for my application, which is generally java based, running with the jboss wildfly 8.1.0 application server. So just want to know more, Is it possible to configure the PIWIK with the Application server (JBOSS, running on remote location_Linux platform)? Or it does required the PHP engine/MySql database etc. ?
Also, my application is a network monitoring application. A large part of our application uses a SharedWorker thread to communicate with our REST interface back-end. Does PIWIK support SharedWorker threads?
If all these configuration is possible, Please provide the right path to configure the application with the tool.

Thanks in Advance!!

Hi there, please see: Do I need to use PHP on my websites to use Piwik? - Analytics Platform - Matomo