Does Piwik work even your offline?

Hello! I go straight with my question. Does piwik work and can still monitor website even it is offline?

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What did you mean with “offline”?
Piwik is a web-application. If a visitor visit your website, a little javascript tells his browser to talk to your piwik-server. So, if this server is “offline” - it doesn’t track anything. But it is not necessary to leave the piwik-frontend open all the time - if this is what you mean…

Ps: But you can also “feed” your piwik with your webserver-logs (via script) instead of the javascript solution. In this case, piwik doesn’t need a internet-connection all the time.

I haven’t been here for some time but I want to thank you for answering. Nonetheless, I’m curios too on how pikwik analyze website. What I mean is the method? Is it also same as google?

I everyone! Thank you for your work!
I’ll specify my interest for ‘offline’ tracking:
If I have a web app that can run ‘offline’ with a system of caching (for example), does Piwik register actions in ‘offline’ status and then send it to server at the first connection or not?

Tahnk you very much


As long as the Piwik tracking server can be contacted by the user, the activity will be tracked.

As i understand matthieu, i can collect data with Piwik when the website is offline and when it return to online, every data is send to my Piwik server? Is that true ?

I don’t really understand. Can you explain what you’re trying to do?

Hi Matthieu,

I have the same question, so we have a JavaScript application, which is sending PIWIK requests during user browsing.
In the meanwhile, our application has the offline mode - without internet connection. So we want to cache/save the tracking events locally first and if the user get back online, these events get sending again to the PIWIK server.

Do you know how this can be done?

Thank you

Hi there,

Currently it cannot be done, but this would be a nice feature of our JavaScript Tracking client - could you maybe create a feature request on our issue tracker Issues · piwik/piwik · GitHub or even feel free to submit a pull request :slight_smile:

Ok, I will raise issue there with some of my thoughts.