Does piwik Image tracker creates cookies


We want to know is piwik Image tracker creates cookies or not ?

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Do you mean the part of the tracking code between

It is the javascript that puts the cookies, so this potion of the code doesn’t put cookies.

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We are using image pixel without < noscript > as follows :

< img src=’//’ style=“border:0;” alt="" />

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I am trying to find out whether Piwik can create and track cookies while using the Image PIxels. I have been unable to find any reference to Image Pixels and Cookie usage within Piwik (for example here within the Piwik Image Tracker documentation they do not mention cookies.

I appreciate that JavaScript should drop the cookie, but does that mean that without the using the JavaScript PIxel itself, Piwik cannot drop cookies? Surely that is a big difference between JavaScript tracking and image pixel tracking and should be mentioned somewhere?

My question is not whether the image pixel itself can drop the cookies, but whether Piwik (maybe via the php page?) can still drop and track cookies when just the Image Pixel is employed on a site.

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Hi - anyone that can help with this?

Thanks for the feedback, I’ve updated the guide: and added The image tracker code also does not create first party tracking cookies which results in some information being lost. with a link to When cookies are disabled by a visitor, how does it impact Piwik reports accuracy? - Analytics Platform - Matomo

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