Does Piwik call out?

Does any part of the Piwik software (especially the javascript code) make any sort of request of any server other than mine?

Requests go to your designated server (pkBaseUrl).

Hi Anthon,

Is it feasible to set up my own server to serve as pkBaseURL so no requests are made outside of my own server?

Just install piwik on the same server as your website

Very nice. Please chalk up another user.

Do I need to use the javascript snippet if piwik is installed on the same server as the website?

Yes, you would still need to use the Javascript code, or use one of the more advanced methods here: Tracking API - Analytics Platform - Matomo

Your website still needs this code to communicate and send visitor data to Piwik. It doesn’t happen automatically since they are on the same server.

Got it. Looks good to me. Thank you.