Does Matomo on premises send out any data?

Hi, I would like to replace Goaccess with Matomo

I saw from the configuration pages of the self-hosted version that some of the options seem to indicate that the local installation will communicate with other servers, for instance the choice of the release channel and newsletter subscription option.

I can ultimately audit this myself but i would like to know if there is any possible way to avoid sending out data.
And I mean any data at all, in the following terms: nor other server/services should be contacted by my local self-hosted matomo instance. Nor for Updates Nor for statistical purposes

Is this possible with your product?

Thank you in advance,


Yes! You can configure your self-hosted Matomo instance to operate locally, avoiding any data transmission to external servers. Turn off update checks and tailor privacy settings to ensure a fully localized analytics experience without any communication with external services.

Thenk you very much @kim_nancy.