Does Custom Action Dimension from Event not reach its goal? Custom Action Dimension for goal?


I create goals based on events that we send to Matomo, e.g.

$matomo.trackEvent(‘UserInteractions’, 'EventA, ‘’, 50);

Now I would like to add a custom dimension to some events, i.e. we track it like this:

$matomo.trackEvent(‘UserInteractions’, 'EventA, ‘’, 50, {dimension1: ‘AAA’});

However, it seems to me that the custom action dimension that was defined in the event does not reach the goal.

What is this and how can I fix it?

We don’t use the tag manager but the Javascript tracking client with which we send our events to Matomo.

Thanks for help with this!

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And one addition:

Even when I track the goal in my own code and add the custom dimension in this data I don’t see anything about the custom dimension in the goal.

$matomo.trackGoal(4, 5, {dimension1: 'AAA});

Is there no way to see the custom action dimensions for the goal?

Also I don’t see a way to output custom dimensions inside of a custom report.

So how can I see the custom dimension data?

Hi @iparker
What is $matomo? I don’t know this tracking object… :thinking:
If this is the tracker object (and not the _paq tracking stack), not sure you can track the dimension within the event. In this case, you have to .setCustomDimension (customDimensionId, customDimensionValue) before the .trackEvent('UserInteractions', 'EventA', '', 50);


Thanks for your answer.

We work in a Nuxt 2 application with for the integration of Matomo. But as I understand it, $matamo is the tracker object on which I can execute all the actions.

If I view the dimension directly in the event track, I can see in the database in the matomo_log_link_visit_action table that this information is set in the columns for the custom dimensions. But I can’t seem to see or evaluate this information anywhere in the Matomo UI.

I have to test again how the behavior is when I set the values ​​using setCustomDimension, because these are Visit Custom Dimensions if I understand that correctly. Because in this case I have to change these values ​​quite often during a visit. I don’t know if that’s good/right.

Another question: Is there no way to output and process the Custom Dimensions in a CustomReport?

Hi @iparker
I don’t understand why you are looking directly in matomo_log_link_visit_action table, as information is not easy to extract form this…
Why don’t you use the visits log? Visit custom dimensions are visible on the left, and Action custom dimensions by hovering the action itself…
For custom report, as this is a premium plugin, you can ask directly to the support team by email… (but custom dimensions are available in custom report, I use them…)

Thank you for your reply.

I looked in the database to check whether and where the custom action dimension is stored.

The visit log doesn’t help me that much because I need an aggregated and summarized presentation.

Regarding custom reports: What is the name of the value of the custom dimension that you select here? I only see the custom variables in the custom report but not the custom dimensions.

Thank you for your reply.

Check if the conditions for the goal achievement, including the custom dimension criteria, are accurately defined.

What do you mean by that? How can the custom dimension criteria be incorporated into the target criteria?

I would have actually thought that everything was configured correctly for me. I also see the Custom Dimension in the VisitorLog.

But it’s not of much use to me. I need the information in an aggregated representation and preferably for the goal itself (e.g. as “Goals per Custom Action Dimension”).

Hi @iparker
Can you confirm the tooltip (that displays custom dimension) is on the userinteraction or on the goal?
What is your goal? trigger a goal on a custom dimension, or attach a custom dimension to a goal?

Unfortunately, currently, only visit custom dimensions are supported for goals/ecommerce. See