Does adding custom dimension prevents "page views" to be counted in Behaviour->Pages or not?

Does adding custom action dimension prevents “page views” to be counted in “Behaviour->Pages” or not?

I’m planning to add a custom dimension to group specific pages and their view count into a category with the following code.
I don’t want to record any video played matomo actions or any other actions on the page. I ONLY want to group “page views” with this JS code below.

 _paq.push(['trackPageView', document.title, {dimension2: 'my_category_name'}]);

I avoided the following JS code below:

_paq.push(['setCustomDimension', customDimensionId = 2, customDimensionValue = 'my_category_nem']);

because setting a custom dimension like this apparently records every action after trackpageview which I don’t want to see one page view being counted three times due to “video play button pressed” and other actions counted as numbers in the dimension etc.

My concern is that if I use the first one, does it only count the page views into the dimension? so if I track the page view like the first one, Does it stillcount under “Behaviour->Pages” or not? or it will be counted both in “Behaviour->Pages” and “Behaviour->my_category_name”.

Long story short, I want the page views to be counted in both “Behaviour->Pages” and “Behaviour->my_category_name” but I don’t want “Behaviour->my_category_name” to count “video_play” action as a page view.

Will the first one work just fine? Will it count page views as usual and it will group the page views in dimensions without affecting anything else and without breaking the current page view counts?