Do I need a separate domain for Matomo, or can I easily run it in a subdirectory ( of the monitored website?

Hello all,

I first had Matomo installed on a dedicated domain, which worked beautifully. In order not to waste a domain I then moved Matomo to a subdirectory of a monitored domain ( I had the impression that it didn’t work as well as before, e.g. recurring visits were no longer detected. Could it be that there is a conflict in such a situation, and that it is recommended to install on a separate domain? I use the regular JavaScript tracking code for tagging.

Hello kepano,

a matomo installation in a subdirectory (/matomo) can be problematic when you have a .htaccess file with RewriteBase / in the main (/) directory.

An easy solution for a independent matomo istallation is a usage of a subdomain (