Do I lose data when I delete a heatmap screenshot?


I would like to delete my current heatmap screenshot and make a new one. If I do that, will I lose my current data?


Hi @boostai
As this concerns the Heatmap premium feature, I let @innocraft answer…

Hi @boostai thanks for reaching out. Yes I can confirm if you delete a heatmap all related heatmaps associated with this will be deleted too.

Hi @V.K
I think @boostai was just writing about the screenshot. I imagine he wants to update the heatmap screenshot…

Yes. I that what I meant. I just want to update the screenshot.

Hi @boostai sorry for the misunderstanding. So just to clarify did you want to update the Target Page URL for the current heatmap?

If so you will need to create a new Heatmap for this new URL.

The Target Page URL stays the same. I just want to update the screenshot.

Screenshot from 2022-11-10 09-49-44

I just want to generate a new screenshot, but for me to that, I need to delete the current one. So, I just want to know if deleting the screenshot will delete my data.

@heurteph-ei @innocraft


Hi @boostai, It will delete the data for that screenshot if deleted.

The screenshot will be retaken in the near future as soon as a visitor views the page again.

If the heatmap is no longer active, it is not possible to delete the screenshot because the screenshot would not be retaken.