Distinction between tracking and interface PHP files

I just wanted to ask: is there already some kind of distinction between PHP files involved in tracking visitors and PHP files involved in providing access to the interface (& other background processes like archiving)?

I would like to set up my PHP opcode cache to not cache files related to the interface and background processes but to continue caching the files which are involved in tracking.

This is probably asking for a lot (i.e. too much), but it would be really nice if some kind of identifier could be added to all files involved in the tracking. This way one could configure a negative filter for the Piwik directory but a positive filter for the files with that identifier inside the Piwik directory.

Not really. Piwik is designed around the concept of a shared core and a plugin framework.

You could try caching piwik.php, the files that it includes (see the “require_once” lines in that file), and the files for each tracker plugin (see the Plugins_Tracker section in config/config.ini.php).

Yeah, I ended up doing that :wink:

I just thought it would be easy if there was some kind of identifier in the file name, if it’s little trouble then why not implement it as a feature, but if it’s (little) too much trouble then I can completely understand why not :slight_smile: