Displaying incorrect geo map locations of the accessed URL

Hello Team,

We have added one of our supported application’s url to Matomo and we see an issue of incorrect geo map location of the accessed url. The users tried to access the url from India but in Matomo it shows in San Diego, why is that and how can we fix this issue? Also, the image in the visits overview is not loading properly and how can we download the various report offline, If there is a way can you let us know?

Attaching screenshots for the reference.

Hello @Ivanna, We have enabled DBIP/GeoIP 2(Php) in the Matomo. What do you mean by reviewing IP Address database. I’m sure it’s up-to-date. How can we fix the wrong GeoIP location. Could you let us know the configurations if we have to make it to fix the issue.

Also, How can we check the image file paths if they are correct or not, Can you provide us the location where we can validate. I mean where can i find this Matomo configuration to check in.

Please find the screenshot of the database that’s configured in matomo for reference.

Hi @sbollam
Your problem could come from a proxy if you use one: Matomo use the proxy IP address to determine the user location, instead of the user IP.
(Or maybe our user uses a VPN?)

@heurteph-ei, Any idea how can we fix it?

Hi @sbollam
I don’t really see any solution, except maybe:

If you know your customer, you could maybe try to check its IP on a IP geolocation service available on the Internet (try to Google « ip location » for example)…