Display Real Time Visitor Map (Widget) To Visitors

I wish to display the real time visitor map (widget) to our website’s visitors. Now the issue with the widget is that it needs ‘anonymous’ users to have the ‘view’ permissions. If I enable it, all the other information (dashboard, total traffic, and other details) are made available to the guest visitors (provided they know the URL).

What I want is the widget data to be available to all visitors (anonymous) because I’m manually embedding it to the website. However, I want all other data to be hidden from them.

How can I achieve this?

BTW, I’m on my way of kicking GA out of my website :slight_smile: .

I`ve just added a new user (map) and used his token like this:


Its not 100% bullet proof, if your visitors are familiar with piwik they could use the token to see other information, by adding it to other available widgets (wich I might say, can provide all sort of information). What you need to secure is your visitors privacy and thats just simple by using the Anonymous plugin as recomended to block last two digits from IP: 192.168.x.x

The realtime map has a downside (is not a BUG), if the widget is positioned on a small width the counter & “Global visits for the X minutes” message will be right on left-top of the map, blocking the mouseover event wich shows you visitor details on the left side (Canda, USA, South America, etc.).

I`ve fixed this by editing the plugin theme here:


replace “top” with “bottom” like this:

$(’.realTimeMap_overlay’).css(‘margin-bottom’, ‘0px’);
$(’.realTimeMap_datetime’).css(‘margin-bottom’, ‘20px’);

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

Greetings, Cristian.