Discrepancy in Total Revenue

Hello everyone.
Can you tell me why my Total Revenue is different in Sales by Referrers => Channel Type from Sales by Pages => Page URLs?

Page /pages/analytics-2 have UAH 7,712 Total Revenue, but total channel type revenue have UAH6,502

Also, Ecommerce orders show that there were 3 purchases, although there were only two. Why is that?

Perhaps I don’t understand how this is calculated, so I’d be happy if you could tell me.

Channel Type Revenue

Sales page

Hi @iwasdenied
It looks like the sales revenue for page URL / is the sum of all sales… Which version do you run?
@innocraft, do you confirm? Is is normal behavior?

Hello, Philippe @heurteph-ei
Thank you for your reply.

We are using Matomo 4.14.1.

I also thought that this is the sum of all sales, but I am confused that for some reason the /pages/analytics-2 page shows 3 purchases, when in fact it should be 2.
Maybe it’s because the user went to this page twice, so this data was counted twice?

Hi Vadym, thanks for reporting this.
It sounds like it may be related to this reported bug: https://github.com/matomo-org/matomo/issues/20857


Hi Ben, thank you for your reply.

Do you have any plans to solve this problem?

@iwasdenied Yes sorry, I should have said - it’s currently scheduled an upcoming sprint starting in December.