Discrepancy between Backend Database and Matomo Tracking

I am writing to report a significant discrepancy between the number of conversions recorded in our backend database and the number of goal conversions tracked in Matomo. Upon closer examination, I have determined that this issue is not related to incorrect goal definitions in Matomo.

Upon analyzing a specific visit, it has come to my attention that certain mandatory steps in our conversion funnel are not being properly recorded in Matomo. For instance, when reviewing a visit associated with a purchase action, I noticed that only the action corresponding to the cart page is captured, while the actions for the product page, payment page, and confirmation page are missing.
As the conversion goal is triggered when the user visits the confirmation page, this visit is not labelled as converted.

This discrepancy raises concerns as it prevents us from accurately tracking and analyzing user journeys within our conversion funnel.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Hi Adeline - were you able to find a solution for this? I’m running into a similar issue in terms of visits

Hi, not yet unfortunately.


I have a similar problem with the goal conversion of our donations. The goal is very simple and does not even include a funnel. It’s set to track the URL vcoe.at/…/success which is the confirmation page for donations. Matomo seems to track at random when this page is accessed.

Our CMS registers about four times as many successfully delivered donations than Matomo counts conversions. There is also no difference between the different service providers (credit card company, paypal or bank). Goal conversion works fine with most other sites.

I’m really stuck here. It would be very helpful to get any comment on this from the Matomo team.


@Adeline_DEPAEPE ,

First: check whether the matomo tracking snippet is in the document of the product page, payment page and confirmation page. See the source code.

Second: check in the browser inspector the network analysis and in this the requests to the matomo.php on the product page, payment page and confirmation page.

Third: post here the urls of the matomo.php request from the product page, payment page and confirmation page.