Discrepancies with UTM parameters


I have an issu with UTM parameters.

Here is the url that is used : https://billetterie.mnhn.fr/fr_FR/programmation?venue_filter[0]=Galerie%20de%20Géologie%20et%20de%20Minéralogie&venue_filter[1]=Galerie%20de%20Paléontologie%20et%20d’Anatomie%20comparée&venue_filter[2]=Grande%20Galerie%20de%20l’Évolution&venue_filter[3]=Jardin%20des%20plantes&venue_filter[4]=Ménagerie%20jardin%20des%20plantes&show_activity_filter[0]=Atelier&show_activity_filter[1]=Conférence&show_activity_filter[2]=Pousse%20Pousse&show_activity_filter[3]=Rencontre?mtm_campaign=JDP_Vacances%20Automne_octobre_2022&mtm_source=MNHN&mtm_medium=Emailing&mtm_content=Photo__&mtm_group=&mtm_kwd=

The name of the campaign is sent in the tag.

On the other hand, in the user log, all the campaign parameters are sent except for… The name of the campaign

And in the campaign report (dated 22 November), it’s different again. The name of the campaign is sent but the other parameters are not and the keyword parameter returns the url of the site…

Has anyone already encountered this situation?


Many thanks

Hello Frédéric!

I think the (or at least one) problem is the malformed URL:

Hi @peterbo,

Thank you!