Disappearing "Create a new objectiv", bug or what?



I have a problem with the e-commerce & objectives on Piwik :

I created two objectives using the “Create new objectiv” link, but after that, when I tried to creat more, I cannot find that button anywhere…

There is no way to add a new objectiv anymore, nor to edit the objectives I already created ?

Am I missing something there or is that a bug ?

Hope you can help, thanks a lot !


P.S : I’ve attached a screen capture to better explain

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

Please login as Super User to access the Goal Create/Edit features. YOu must be logged in with another non super user account


Hi Matt,

Thanks a lot for the answer, but I^'m not sur I understand…

I am indeed logged in as a Super User (I didn’t bother to create multiple account yet).

What is strange is that I’ve added another website and the “Create goal link” is working (see attachement 1)

But when I go to the other website, there is already my two objectives create but I’m not able to create anymore of them because the “Create goal” link is missing (see attachement 2).

Any idea ?

Thanks a lot,

(Matthieu Aubry) #4

The “Create a goal” option is at the bottom of the “Goals > Overview” page


Geeeez, I somehow missed that… Thanks a lot Matt !