disableCookies confusion

I just started using “disableCookies”. I think it works, but the “site information” in Chromium still shows 4 pk* cookies, which have an empty Content. The developer tools (Resources > Cookies > domain) claim that “This site has no cookies”. They are not “leftovers” it still happens after purging the cookies or with --temp-profile.
While this is limited to Chromium (don’t know about Chrome) and probably harmless (regarding privacy/regional legal issues), it bugs me that a hash seems to be assigned, and I’d be interested in how and why this happens. Does piwik set empty cookies even when they are disabled?

Thanks & cheers,

to “delete a cookie” one has to set it with empty content. So that’s deleting the cookie. Not sure why Chrome still shows them as they should be deleted?

Ah, I see. That explains the “expired before created” thing, too, I guess.
So piwik deletes possible cookies every time? Would it be possible to check whether any exist first?
I guess Chrome collects its cookie data (for the site information, not for the dev tools) right after the set-empty-content happens, and right before they are really deleted (due to negative age).
Please excuse any of this makes no sense, I haven’t got much experience in dealing with cookies.

Thank you for your answer & great product btw!

It may be possible to only delete cookies when they are here. if you are javascript developer please consider testing this and letting me know (the code is: matomo/piwik.js at master · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub )