disableCookies confusion


I just started using “disableCookies”. I think it works, but the “site information” in Chromium still shows 4 pk* cookies, which have an empty Content. The developer tools (Resources > Cookies > domain) claim that “This site has no cookies”. They are not “leftovers” it still happens after purging the cookies or with --temp-profile.
While this is limited to Chromium (don’t know about Chrome) and probably harmless (regarding privacy/regional legal issues), it bugs me that a hash seems to be assigned, and I’d be interested in how and why this happens. Does piwik set empty cookies even when they are disabled?

Thanks & cheers,

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

to “delete a cookie” one has to set it with empty content. So that’s deleting the cookie. Not sure why Chrome still shows them as they should be deleted?


Ah, I see. That explains the “expired before created” thing, too, I guess.
So piwik deletes possible cookies every time? Would it be possible to check whether any exist first?
I guess Chrome collects its cookie data (for the site information, not for the dev tools) right after the set-empty-content happens, and right before they are really deleted (due to negative age).
Please excuse any of this makes no sense, I haven’t got much experience in dealing with cookies.

Thank you for your answer & great product btw!

(Matthieu Aubry) #4

It may be possible to only delete cookies when they are here. if you are javascript developer please consider testing this and letting me know (the code is: matomo/piwik.js at master · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub )