Disable users from viewing Tracking Code


After poking around for a while and looking, I may be blind…

I am wondering how I can disable users from viewing the tracking code ?

For example, When a user with only “view” permission logs in, Clicks the gear on the upper right, then clicks on Measurables → Tracking Code on the left, They can see the tracking code. How do I disable this view ?

Would also like to disable the “Platform” category for users, ‘Marketplace’, ‘Widgets’, 'API.

This would be helpful for those users, for example, who help with marketing campaigns and would need to see the actual visitor information, but not the configuration stuffs…

Thank you so very much!

For the Marketplace only, and if you have bought the WhiteLabel plugin:

For other things, I suggest you develop a new plugin…

You can use this for inspiration:

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