Disable standard segment

Hi Piwik Support,

I using version 3.2.0 and I have a question about segments.
I’m a newbie in Piwik so sorry for any silly questions etc.

We host a lot of website where our customers are identified by an id. That id is submitted to Piwik (Custom Variables) for each page.

Customer 1 has access to website 1/2/3
Customer 2 has access to website 2/3
Customer 3 has access to website 1/2
etc etc.

The customers would like to see this stats in Piwik. I’ve created an account for each customer and a segment from the Custom Variables.

The customer can only see the website I’ve choosen for them.
Can I do the same for the segments? So they only see their own hits?

The user should not be able to alter / delete segments.

Best regards - Lars Hansen