Disable Database Upgrade from browser


I would like to ask because i could not find something around. Is there any possibility to disable the database upgrade from browser? Or maybe disable the button so users won’t be able to upgrade the database by their own until administrator will make the upgrade?

Thanks in advance.

I think the easiest way to get rid of that, is to set the config for Matomo in maintenance mode, so the users don’t reach that screen.
The config to do so is:

maintenance_mode = 1

Thank you for your reply but the thing is that the user might see that screen before the administrator and click on the button.

Hi @ysk
As I see, you are not on automatic updates (Matomo 3.8 is a very old version of Matomo).
Then you should:

  1. Set the Maintenance mode as suggested by Mikke
  2. Update the Matomo server (as you did)
  3. Run the Database upgrade, thanks to the command line:
    $ ./path/to/matomo/console core:update
  4. Reset the Maintenance mode in order to allow users to use Matomo…

Hello @heurteph-ei ,

Image used is only for demo, current version is 4.13

Updates are not automated and are happening via docker.

As i understand there no other way for not showing that to users?


  • Either you do automatic update and the DB migration should be played automatically
  • Or you do manual update, then you know when the server should be “disconnected” (= be in maintenance mode) and also when the migration should be run. The message is there to tell everybody that Matomo is in instable mode (because code and DB are not synchronized). It cannot work at all.