Disable cookies and still available ones?


guide me if I have overseen the already available answer…

I still do not understand the cookies that are still available, when a instance has cookies disabled. I have Javascript driven content that includes a Matomo instance programmatically and uses “.disableCookies()” on it after creation (".getTracker()"). Nevertheless I see “_pk_id." and "_pk_ses.” cookies afterwards. Where session cookie having a 30 minute lifetime is understandable, but why is there a visitor cookie having 13 months lifetime. Is it there because my implementation has an error or because I still don’t get what “diable cookies” stands for?



Can you maybe try to compare if the cookies are created if you use the “regular” tracking code with _paq.push(['disableCookies']); and if not then compare, what your implementation is doing different?

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Stupid me.

Thanks for pointing to this simple way to prove my excepted result – and therefore dig into where my error was (several places, where I needed to be apply “disableCookies()”).

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Thanks @Lukas for helping us this solved my problem

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