Disable caching / create new theme

Hi Guys,

  1. Does any one know how to disable the caching future of piwik. I would really like to style the theme to fit to my sites colors etc. which brings me to my next question.
  2. How do you override the default them. Do you just create a new directory in the theme directory.

Doesn’t seem possible to add a custom theme yet. I’m currently trying to do the same, but I can’t find more info. Some templates and stylesheets are in /themes/default/ but they’re only a few of many relevant ones. Each plugin got its own /templates/ directory, templates might just have to be edited there, there’s no override-system, or at least none that I discovered yet.

Disabling caching while developing should work if you put this in your /config/config.ini.php:

force_compile = TRUE

($force_compile | Smarty)

building themes is not a feature but we would love t have it; if you would like to help, check out the related ticket and contribute: http://dev.piwik.org/trac/ticket/177 thanks!