Directory \analytics/tmp/cache/tracker/" does not exist

Today I tried to install Piwik with composer as i was not able to install Piwik on my Windows shared server.

Solved PHP issue but now I get the following message when I go to

The directory “D:\InetPub\vhosts\mydomain\httpdocs\analytics/tmp/cache/tracker/” does not exist and could not be created.

I think we all can see what goes wrong /////////\//\

Anyway, how to solve it?


Give write permissions to tmp/cache/ folder, ie. Do a “Chmod 777 piwik/tmp/” -> should fix it

Hello Matt,

Moved at HostGator from Windows package => Linux package, this solves automatically the problem, installation went flawless

After that contacted HostGator to whitelisted Piwik application and have mod_security disabled - working perfect now.



i get this same issue, running piwik on a windows machine.

how would you run chmod on windows?