Dimension "Form name" is missing


I use the forms plugin from Matomo to evaluate the forms of our website.

For the evaluation, I would like to have a tabular display like the one used under Forms → Real-time.

The names of the stored forms should be listed in column 1. However, the evaluation should not only concern the last 24 hours, but a period of time chosen by me.

Unfortunately, I cannot create such an evaluation via “Custom Reports”, as “Form name” is not available there as a dimension.


Does anyone have a solution to this problem?

Hi @Tobart
A ticket already exist on this topic:

I just added some info on forms specific feature…

Hi @Tobart ,

As @heurteph-ei mentioned, we have a feature request for this in our backlog. However I can not give you an ETA at this moment.

Hi @heurteph-ei, hi @karthik,

thank you very much for your answers.

I think that this adjustment would be very helpful for the evaluation of forms. Maybe I’m lucky and the topic will be implemented by the product team soon.

In the meantime, I have also received an answer from Matomo support. Maybe the following solution will help other users.

Thanks for reaching out to us,

Unfortunately when it comes to custom reports, the dimensions and metrics available to choose do differ from those found within the default reports.
One of these dimensions is the ‘Form Name’.

It is possible to create a Custom Report based on the page URL for form submissions. However this would show all pageUrls unless you defined a filter to only include the pages that contained forms.

For example:

Using the Tag Manager, it is possible to create an Event that uses a pre-set variable that will grab the FormName or FormID.
A list of variables can be selected from the arrow to the right of the field for category, action and name.

The Event could be triggered to only fire on a Form submit,


This would then trigger an event on form submission like below:


When it comes to the custom report, you could create a report based on the Event Category and filter by the Event Name ‘FormSubmitted’, for example:

This would provide a report similar to below:

I hope this helps.