Difficulty Installing 3.8.1 On Windows 10 With IIS 10.0.16299.15, PHP 7.3.2, and MySQL

All of the Matomo (Piwik) system requirements include “+” with version numbers, indicating the newest versions are supported. So I am using the most recent production releases of Matomo, PHP, and MySQL.

(1) When it loads, the index.php?action=systemCheck page reports “Matomo requires either the mysqli extension or both the PDO and pdo_mysql extensions.” I have in my php.ini-production file “extension=mysqli” and have also tried “extension=php_mysqli.dll”. I have searched for an answer but to no avail. What needs to happen in order for the “extension=mysqli” configuration to be recognized?

(2) index.php?action=systemCheck also reports an error with “mbstring: After making this change, restart your web server.” I have tried both “extension=php_mbstring.dll” and “extension=mbstring” along with accepting all of PHP’s defaults within the [mbstring] section of php.ini-production. What am I missing in order to have the mbstring extension recognized?

(3) Lastly, “GD > 2.x + Freetype (graphics) The sparklines (small graphs) and image graphs (in Matomo Mobile app and Email reports) will not work.” Is there any plain language guidance on how to resolve this warning?

The PHP extension directory is configured (extension_dir = “ext”) and IIS has been restarted after each php.ini-production change. The other extensions are recognized, e.g. extension=php_curl.dll.


1+2) Please create a phpinfo() file and look if the extensions are loaded, if not this is not a Matomo fault,
3) You need to install the gd php extension.

Ah, Matomo’s documentation and the index.php configuration process is woefully out out date. Invalid Windows syntax, referencing deprecated commands, outdated configuration instructions, and reporting false positives. So. Many. Bugs.

I’d be more specific, but given the cold reception to the forums I don’t want to stick around.

Feel free to do so. Bye.