Different visitor counts in week and month view


Hi all,

i’ve found Piwik (1.0) yesterday and directly installed it on my webserver, it’s really what i was looking for … great project, thanks to all developers giving it to us! :slight_smile:

There is one strange thing i’ve noticed: I created some accesses from two different locations right after installing Piwik. All accesses are displayed correctly in the detailed visitors log, but in the stats the numbers for the “week” and “month” display are totally different!

In the month view, all accesses from the second IP are missing: The counts, the location - everything. I only see the very first visit.

But when i change to the “week” view, all data is in the reports. As “month” and “week” should really be the same after my install last night, i’m a bit confused … all accesses are in the same “week” and “month”, but i’m getting complete different results compared between “week” and “month” view.

Does anybody have an idea here?



I’ve installed the actual beta (1.1b5) now … the counts have changed here, but the problem is still there: Different counts in “week” and “month” view.

When i go to “Visitors -> Visitors”, i see 4 access sessions in the week view. Switching the same then to month (2011-01), i get the message that “there are no data for this report”.

Strange … :frowning:


I’ve dropped the statistics table after installing 1.1b5 and let them recreate, and now the counts are identical for the views at the moment.

I’m noticing 2 issues actually:

The Visitors -> Visitors -> Month-View (Hope this is correct, i’m using German language, there it is “Besucher” -> “Besucher”) won’t work on each site. It shows all the time that there are no data for this report. Day, Week and Year are working.

Changing the language to English in the top menu of the page results in this error:
Fatal error: Call to undefined method Piwik_LanguagesManager_API::setLanguageForSession() in /pathtomypiwik/piwik/plugins/LanguagesManager/Controller.php on line 26

(Fabian Becker) #4
  1. This is fixed in trunk now. (dev.piwik.org)