Different questions about tag manager / events in tag manager


I’m new using the tag manager and I try different use cases to get it.

With this I have some different questions:

1.) First of all: How can I see/debug the tags/events I defined in the tag manager when I visit the page? I tried the chrome-extension “tagbird” (https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/tagbird/mnkpjcgdlhenamhcbempiogjamdkbbgi/related?hl=de), but maybe there is a better way for this?

2.) With the usage of tagbird I was wondering why some events are thrown/visible multiple times an others not? I did not restricted the tag limit. I have some events (click on some headings) which are fired every time and other events (scroll down the page oder click on a bootstrap dropdown button) which are just fired once. I don’t understand this difference.

3.) I have a problem with the click-tracking of an bootstrap modal with a contact form. I tried different trigger but I don’t get the tag fired. The following code handles the link/modal:

<a href="form_target.php" class="pb_modal_link" title="Kontakt-Formular -> Kontakt zu uns aufnehmen." rel="nofollow">Kontakt-Formular</a>

$(function () {
    $('.pb_modal_link').click(function (event) {

Does the event.preventDefault() or the event.stopPropagation() maybe prevent the tag manager to fire the tag too?

4.) I tried content tracking in the tag manager with a custom html tag:

_paq.push(['trackContentImpression', 'Backend', '{{PageTitle}}', '{{PageUrl}}']);

In the matomo content section I see something like this:


Thats not the output I wanted, so it seems that the variable {{PageTitle}} is not solved correctly. Where is my mistake?

5.) Is there a way to create a custom html trigger to listen to any javascript event? Or is the only way to listen to events that are passed to _mtm.push({“event”: “my-custom-event”}); ?

Thanks for some help with my issues!

Best regards,