Different data of clicks on links and page views

Hi all,
I would like to find out the reason why there is a higher number of clicks through a link with UTM parameters on the dashboard than in the Page Views report (all).

The following setup: there are links with UTM parameters for four channels (created with Matomo url builder), which include the source of origin. For each advertising channel we had to create a separate landing page, structure domain/1?pk123. Now, the number of origin source 1 in the dashboard should be identical to the number of page views. However, this is not the case, but the number of the source of origin (should be the same as clicks?) is significantly higher than the page views.

Could it have something to do with the consent tool, i.e. that the click on the url is recorded but the page view is not if users do not give consent, as Matomo then prevents any further attribution?

I would be grateful for any feedback.

Many greetings,