Differences between Matomo Report and Tag Manager Trigger

Hello, Matomo forum,

We have been using Tag Manager for a few weeks.
So far everything is working fine, I’m just wondering about one discrepancy:
For reporting purposes, we query, among other things, 404 visits via Tag Manager.
For this purpose, a trigger is set up that fires an event if the page title contains “404”.
However, the number of this event partially differs from the result of the “usual” page title report at Matomo. The results are often the same, but sometimes Behavior/Page Title produces higher results than the Tag Manager event.

What could be the reason for this, since the query is actually the same?

Hi @Thorsten.Michel
Can you share:

  • The reports where you can see these differences? (think to obfuscate sensitive data if any, but display the selected date and segment)
  • The trigger and tag configurations (page view and 404 events)

Hi, @heurteph-ei ,

sorry, very busy these days.
While creating the screenshots, I think I found the “issue”: I compared the wrong values with each other:

  • Behaviour/Page titles shows columns Pageview / Unique Pageview
  • Behaviour/Events shows Visits / Unique Visitors and Events.

The tag is triggered by pageview and I discovered the Event column shows exactly the correct Pageview.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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