Differences between historical reports and reports processed directly from logs


(Marta Medrano) #1

We have configurate the next parameters to delete old data in Administration > Anonymize data:

  • Regurarly delete old raw data > Delete logs older than 2 days.

  • Delete old aggregated report data > Delete reports older than 12 months

  • Schedule old data deletion > Delete old data every day

So in our tests, we have seen that there is no difference for the user while reading the reports: they don’t know if there are an old one that have been processed or a one directly from logs. We have to confirmmed with you that it has the same visualization.

But we have several doubts about the reports information. Because we have to be sure to give our client the differences between the reports directly from logs or proccesed ones. Reading the faq, these are the main differences:

  • Transitions report : when you are viewing the transitions report, this report is directly from logs. If you have not logs at all, you have not reports even if you have processed. But there is a bug with the counter of the views.

  • Unique visitors : it is supposed to be the same as with transitions report: if there are not logs, there aren’t any report. But we detected in some reports that there are still information about unique visitors, for example, Visits over time:

And for many other reports like Device type:

Why is still visible the unique visitors? It is ok for us to make it visible if they are processing with the script, but some information in the faq make it clear that they must have logs to be visible.


(Matthieu Aubry) #2

Hi there,

Transitions mismatch is expected, first number is accurate and second number is the data left in the log (much less)

Unique visitors metric will still be processed for days so it should work for days. in your graph it looks like sometimes it’s set to 0 which is not expected. Have you setup cron archiving?

(Marta Medrano) #3


Thanks for your response,

Ok, we understood the mismatch.

Maybe when I was testing, there were still no unique visitors for that day. But what I mean is that if the script has been executed, why is still showing us the information about unique visitors for the rest of the days?

Yes, we have set up cron arhiving, you can see here, related to the image for unique visitors, so you can see that the cron has been executed: